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RADAR #3 – METAVERSE will take place in the centre of Bucharest, between October 14 – 16, in three heritage buildings, Oscar Maugsch Palace, The Palace of Romanian Chamber of Commerce & Industries and Ghica House.  RADAR is an annual x-ray of the new media art industry and the largest festival dedicated to new digital media in Romania, supported by UniCredit Bank.  

This year’s theme is the Metaverse. 

The exhibition will consist of a selection of multidisciplinary projects made by Romanian artists from all over the country: AR, VR, interactive installations, NFTs, AI art, an immersive space with 360 projections, dedicated interactive installations created using the architecture of the spaces.

We also welcome all to RADAR Kids, a section dedicated to children where they will be able to explore interactive installations created especially for them and get acquainted with the use of digital tools in a creative & fun way to explore. 

FAR Talks, RADAR’s educational platform, will bring guest artists and curators from international new media art centres, festivals, & immersive spaces

A limited number of tickets are available for each access hour and can be purchased online on,


RADAR  is a bold initiative to support and empower the local new media art scene by providing a novel local context to bring talented upcoming artists and makers to the spotlight. Our goal is to seek out and help congregate creative studios and freelance artists that innovate in the artistic, cultural, scientific, and educational fields.

Designed as a talent-scouting platform, RADAR is scanning for creative movements and trends currently emerging, where new media plays a key role in refreshing the concept of art and its manifestations. Our main target is set on artistic opportunities and quality projects that can be later displayed in a collective, larger context, for art and tech afficionados to witness. RADAR will expose the Romanian public to an innovative, playground-style event format, one in which they can experiment contemporary art interactively, to the point of breaking boundaries.

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RADAR kids will showcase the first immersive playground dedicated to children where they can interact with numerous new media art technologies.

From exploring underwater worlds through interactive video mapping, to becoming digital characters through artificial intelligence or drawing in virtual reality.

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  • Augmented Reality
  • Virtual Reality
  • Video Mapping
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Animation
  • Game Art
  • Interactive Installations
  • Sound Design
Sorina Topceanu
Madalina Ivascu
Ruxandra Avram
Mișu Cojocariu
Vio Dan
Alex Lorint
Carmen Stoleriu
Gabriela Iacob
Maria Mora
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